Powerchart xtrace text instead of numbers

I'm using a PowerChart for a batch application for a customer. The customer is keeping records of the charts for each batch. For each batch, there is a Run number, and they are using the xtrace to put the values on the chart and then print it to a file. In the case of this example, the run number is "4", but they want it to say "egg", or if 5, then "Starch", etc. And if they had that, they would be good.

Is there a way to give a number that is plotted at text value in the xtrace?


It would be a piece of cake in Vision with my NoteChart Module. If you want to actually make reports with such, my NoteChart module has new support for Reporting that could also do this.

Thank you for the reply. Currently, everything I'm doing is in Perspective and I need to keep it that way for the foreseeable future. Thanks again though.