Problem in Transaction Groups which is re-created same name

Hello, all

I have some trouble with a transaction group. I'm using the ignition 8.1.23 version.
I erased one transaction group by mistake and re-create the same transaction group named "TriggerWr_W010"
And then I execute transaction groups. It has errored like below the captured image.

It is quite strange, because when I change the Transaction group name, then it works.

And I searched for the error. I found some post that has similar symptoms to me.

So, I did that answer which checks the duplicate transaction group folder. but I think It is not duplicated.

There is no existing named "TriggerWr_W010". but I found that in the gateways which located the status page - DIAGNOSTICS - EXECUTION (please, see the below image)

I think it works if reset or clear a SQL bridge named "TriggerWr_W010".
But, I don't know How to reset the SQL bridge named "TriggerWr_W010" or Clearing that.

Please give me some advice to solve it.

Hi Kisun,

Welcome to forums! I think this particular issue would be best taken to Inductive Automation support for help.

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