Problem to load AbstractTagDriver module in 7.8.2

I switch from Ant/Eclipse to IntelliJ/Maven,
when I load a basic module based on AbstractTagDriverExample, i have the follwing issue.

I use Ignition 7.8.2, my gateway is in Developer Mode

I’ve configured in pom.xml

Any Idea ? :scratch:

Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.inductiveautomation.xopc.driver.common.AbstractDriverModuleHook



It looks like the “path” to your ModuleHook Class is not correctly defined.
Can you check your entry in the pom.xml of your build module ?

:frowning: hook class seems to be ok…

<hooks> <hook> <scope>G</scope> <hookClass>com.byes.ignition.snmp.atd.ModuleHook</hookClass> </hook> </hooks>

Look carefully at the “caused by” sections, and you see that it cannot find AbstractDriverModuleHook. Probably the dependencies in the pom.xml file.
{ I haven’t switched yet, so I can’t be more helpful. But soon :slight_smile: }

By comparing the AbstractTagDriverExample and the generated project from github OPC-UA Driver Module artifact opc-ua-driver-archetype, I add in the build pom.xml :

<depends> <depend> <scope>G</scope> <moduleId>xopc</moduleId> </depend> </depends>

And correct my module if from


to :


And all is working fine !