Problem with Email Notification(Alarms)

I have two users on my on_call roster and only one of the users is receiving alarm Email notifications.The other user doesn’t receive anything.What could be the problem?

Any help would be appreciated.

Debugging emails can be hard, because there are a lot of places the problem could be and often the error messages we get back from mail servers are rather vague.

But certainly the first step will be to check your logs for those error messages. That can tell you whether Ignition thinks the email was handed off successfully to the SMTP server or not. Remember that even if the email was handed off successfully there are still a lot of places for failure, but Ignition won’t know about it and you’ll have to debug further down the chain.

Naturally, I’m assuming you’ve already done the easy stuff like having the user check their spam folder and testing the pipeline from the gateway. You might also want to send them an email from a script to test.


This link might make it easy for you to look at some of your settings: ( READ ON, please- it may not be needed )
Yet the problem could be at the user’s end. You might ask if they have changed the email attributes of their PCs to conform to new requirements from the ATT.COM / ATT.NET account or a similar one where they needed to add either OAuth or an Outlook client. I recently purchased Office 2016 for the home machine ( Win 7 Pro ) to avoid the subscription fee associated with later versions or 365. The idea of signing the GNU/GPL/GPx licensing seemed to be worth more than $40.00 to me.
If all else fails, there is an IA Support website- yet having one email account get through makes it look like you need to ask about POP etc. settings in that user browser-FIRST. ( or have them send a sample email out to ensure they are not using a library terminal ).

Ok thanks Kathy…It looks like the user received the emails but it was in their spam folder. I will need to add more users to receive email notifications…How can i make sure it doesn’t end up in their spam mail?

Thank you for the reply

Thank you for saying so. I have more details from the AT & T website if your e-mail users say that they cannot get into that specific type of account. They would need to log into their billing ( .COM ) account to get the details of what is needed to restore access to e-mail. They also are the only folks who can detail their SPAM folders, details about folders for SPAM are usually mail-client specific-yet some folks use the mail client provided by their Internet Service Provider (ISP). In the case of ISP mail systems, the user may not know how to set their SPAM folders. Their provider help-desk can usually sort it out for them.

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