Programmable Device Simulator changes the values of the simulated values

I’m creating the Building in Persepctive project from the new Inductive University course and to simulate the values in the project it is used a Programmable Device Simulator imported with a csv file.
I’m encountering a problem when creating the simulator: after I save the configuration the simulated values get modified and get multiplied by 10, in this way I can’t get the values I wanted for the corresponding quantities

ive had it too, its a bugg from igntion and has something to do with your locale. this worked for me:

If its just for a test, its realy not that worth it changing it tbh…

By removing the acces zeros and the .0 you will be able to save it for the right value atleast once.

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Here is a real simulator:

  • external to Ignition (which of your real devices are internal to Ignition?)
  • real-time, customizable telemetry
  • scalable (hundreds of thousands of tags are trivial)
  • can be changed in real-time interactively (eg. for demos), or programmatically (eg. for regression testing)

Obligatory 2-minute video

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