Project Browser Collapsing on Project Save

Very annoying that the project browser collapses the tree when ever you save the project. Would be very nice if this did not happen.

Can this be fixed?


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It doesn’t happen for me. What version of Ignition? OS? Java? In what context does this occur?

I am using Ignition 7.7.2-rc1, Windows, Java 1.8.0_25.

7.7.1 with Java 1.8.0_25(32bit)
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

I have the Designer open. I have a Window or multiple open in the designer. I click the Save Project Button and the Project Tree Collapses and looks as if i just opened the Designer.

But the Windows i’m editing stay open.

I haven’t seen that behavior and I can’t replicate it. :frowning:

Your best bet is to contact tech support.

So I tried this yesterday:

1: Deleting all temp Java files
2: Uninstalling Java
3: CCleaner to clean Registry
4: Reboot
5: Install clean Java 1.8.25
6: Run Designer.

This worked for a couple hours then the problem came back.

In 2019, using version 7.9.9 this is still an issue.
Am I missing something? This behavior is very annoying. I have to re-expand the Project Browser tree almost every time I save. It looks like this has been going on since 2010.
Also, If i change the window size when editing a script, then work on something else then come back to the script, the window size is back to small. is there a setting for this?

This is still super aggravating and I have not found a way to fix.

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in 7.9 this still happens. Affects work product and efficiency.

Just an FYI. This is happening to me. So, still an issue in 2023.

Do you have the Sepasoft modules installed? That was the cause for me. And it didn't look like that bug would get fixed anytime soon, the last time I asked.

gdube, thanks! That worked for me as well!