[Question] Beta License

As this is a pre-release we are not yet going to upgrade any of our 7.9 gateways until RC time. It appears the standard trial license model is in affect. Are there any plans to allow temp licenses or a second activation on an existing license for the beta period so we don’t have to deal with trial mode?

Yeah, we were just discussing this yesterday. Might just issue a time limited shared key. Stay tuned.


We have created a license key for all beta testers to use that will expire at the end of December:


There are a lot of grants on that license key so anyone can use it. Please let us know if you run into any issues and happy beta testing.


Will this license be extended until release?

I have just extended the license until Feb 15. For those of you who already have activated Ignition, just simply refresh the license. I have added new grants to the license for new folks to activate as well.

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Can you add some more grants please? I’m getting a ‘No Activations Left’ error.

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I just added some more grants

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I’ve just extended the license until April 1st. If you get a message about your trial expired, click the reload / refresh button, and it should give you another month and a half.


getting ‘No Activations Left’ as well – would you be able to release a few more?



I added some more grants today. Try again.

Thanks Travis – much appreciated!

Kevin, will you be extending the beta license period again?

We have extended this license until April 12th. This will be the last reset for the beta license. Please talk to your account rep for any questions or trial licenses.

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