[Question] Perspective Session Tool

How is the following perspective info icon/bar tool setup/removed?

It isn’t able to be removed. This is the one little piece of the UI that we “own”.

When not in trial mode or beta mode, it will be even smaller (just the little arrow). This is how you get to what we call the “App Bar” which has important information like what gateway you’re connected to, and other status info, as well as the about screen.

Can it be moved?

I have a table in this area of my project and this is covering the page button.

Currently, no.

The quick solution is to move your table. From a design standpoint you should do this anyway - in Web Design you’ll notice that any sort of input should never really be on the “border” of the viewport as it’s harder to see than anything centralized and it’s also harder to interact with (usually you’ll encounter things like resize handles on the borders of your viewport).

Long term, I wouldn’t even expect that this piece of UI would be ale to be placed in a custom position as the app bar it expands performs important diagnostic functions. The App Bar could conceivably be a drawer from any side of the screen, but the bottom is the norm.

I have the table in a slide out now that the user can refer to whenever they want. That is the issue currently. When it slides out the tool covers the page button. If it cant’t be removed it would not seem like a major change for the end user to be able to move it to a position where it does not interfere. Is it possible to request this as a feature?

Anything is possible to request as a feature, but moving this and/or allowing it to be configurable is much larger of a task then you would probably think. If your table is currently in a slide-out or docked View, have you tried making your table 30px “shorter”? This should in theory place the page button above the App Bar UI.

A trick I used in one of my projects was to have a shared Dock View on the bottom of each page which had a size of 50px. This forced my Left and Right Docked Views to always slide out with content above the App Bar UI.

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