[Question] Running Multiple Versions of Ignition?

Is it possible to have multiple versions of Ignition running? For example we’d like to keep version 7.9 but at the same time start developing for version 8. Hopefully this would allow us to take advantage of the new mobile benefits and keep our existing projects where third-party modules need version 7.9.

The only thing I’ve read so far is somehow using a virtual machine. Right now our Ignition is running on Ubuntu 16.04 on a Google VM instance.

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Using a local virtual machine (VMware workstation or equivalent) is still the best approach IMO.

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Thanks! Just to be clear. Would it be reasonable for us to install VMware on our Google VM? One machine for 7.9 and the other for version 8?

You could, but it’s pretty overkill. If this is just for development, I would either just create a new cloud VM, or install VMWare workstation on your local computer - ie, the physical device you’re sitting at/typing on.

Thanks, I figured it might be a little much. The reason why I asked is because we could potentially have a lot of mobile clients in production using version 8 if it works for us. So, I’m not sure if working locally just for development would be an option long term. It would be great if we could have working mobile clients running version 8 and at the same time desktop clients running 7.9 in production.

Is it still possible to have a dual install doing something similar to what Travis mentioned in this post a while back? I gave it a shot - changed the ports in the gateway xml file for the Beta version - but when I run start-ignition.bat it recognizes that the other instance is currently running.

On windows, you’ve got to make sure that the windows services have different names. I do this by using the zip installs and editing the wrapper.name property of ignition.conf before running install-ignition.bat

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Worked like a charm, thank you!