[Question] Scan Barcode through tablet camera

I’m trying to scan a barcode using a tablet camera, but so far I haven’t been able to get it working. I have a button with the action Scan Barcode set under the onClick event. The barcode type is set to Data Matrix. I have made no other changes to the action settings.

If my understanding is correct, when clicking the button my browser should ask for permission to access the tablet camera. When I give permission, the camera view should open allowing me to scan a barcode. When the scan is complete, I am returned to the browser and the Barcode Scanned session event gets called.

However, right now when I click the button nothing happens - I don’t receive any kind of prompt. Is there something else I should be configuring, or is there something wrong with my understanding?

I’m on Android (have also tried from iOS) using Chrome. In my browser I have the camera settings set to “ask first”.

Install the Ignition v8 app for android and try from within it.

Thanks for the advice! It does work from the app, which gives me something to work with. Perspective isn’t going to be able to access a tablet camera from a browser then?

I don’t know that that is sufficiently standardized across brands and browsers. Maybe. I’m not really the one to ask… /-:

No, the barcode action may ONLY be called by devices using the mobile application. If you try to call the Scan Barcode Action from a browser, you’ll notice a warning in the console, that your Action was ignored.

We can’t call that action from a browser, because not every workstation has a camera.

Is there plans to make a windows app for Perspective? We currently have a bunch of Surface tablets running Vision, and we’d eventually like to run Perspective on them, utilizing the scan barcode feature. If there was a windows app, I’d assume it would be able to access the camera?

We do have plans for desktop apps that will utilize device hardware. Unfortunately, I don’t have an estimate for when they’ll be available. They’re still very much in the planning phase right now. I’ll update this post when I have more information.

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Hi guys, is this available now when using Perspective Workstation?