Random bad data quality

Setup: Ignition server is version 7.6.3, Java OpenJDK version 1.7.0_45, running on Scientific Linux 6.4.
OPC UA is reading from 7 equipment units over Modbus/TCP.
One unit - Woodward easyGen-3000 randomly looses data quality from 192 to 0 or 600 after working well for several hours. This happens on easygen connected to a machine that is active. Other EasyGens are reporting idle machines’ data with good data quality.

In the OPC_UA-Devices configuration all devices are reported connected all the time. Working fix is opening edit window and save it once more. This “edit” fixes data quality to “good” (192).
Most of tags are acquired at 2 sec rate. In order to separate faulty one from others I tested scanclass timing 3, 5, 10 and 1.6 sec without success. Timeout was set in the range 3-10 sec.

It should be noted that the same problem was observed in various configurations: under Windows OS 64 bit, Linux Ubuntu, SL Linux, also reading remotely internet connected equipment and reading from local network.
Hope you vast experience help me to diagnose and find a fix for this problem.

Could you go to the Console > Logs page on the gateway and export the logs then either attach them here or email them to support?

And what’s the name assigned to the device that’s having issues? Do you have any examples of a date/time it started going bad quality?

I’ve attache exported log to my reply.
BTW, it happened again this morning and I restarted OPC UA server to fix it. Disable/Enable of the device did not work. The Device is called EasyGen-2.

What’s the communication timeout setting for this device? Is the reconnect after consecutive timeouts property enabled? If so, try disabling it for a bit…

The value of timeout for this device is 3000.
Sorry, I could not find where is enable/disable reconnecting parameter.

Should be in the advanced settings category for that device.

Thank you.
It was enabled for 3 consecutive timeout events.

Post the logs if/when problems happen again. Unfortunately I don’t think there’s anything going wrong on the Ignition side - this device just seems to stop responding sometimes. It’s possible that the frequency at which the disconnecting/reconnecting happens causes some kind of overload, which is why seemingly random things like restarting the device or the module seem to “fix” it sometimes, when really you’re just giving it a bit of a “break” by doing that.

We’ll see, I guess.

It happened again. I’ve attached new log which hopefully will show some clues.
Also I am going to reduce data load on this device by either disabling some tags or switching to different scanclasses.

Here is the log

So far after disabling ~50% of data tags I didn’t see bad quality in coming data.
I will continue to monitor and hope that the cause is found.

Unfortunately, it happened again yesterday at 5:45 PM despite greately reduced data traffic from this device.
I include the latest log hoping that it has some clues to the problem.
Thank you.

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