Reinstall licensing

I mucked up my Pi 3B, so reinstalled Ignition Maker. When asked fort he license, I went and regenerated a token. When I put this license/token combo in, I got

License in use; no more activations allowed

Should I delete the license and start over again? Will I be able to get another license under my account?


You don’t need to delete your license, just go to your account page -> Maker Edition -> Manage, and regenerate the activation token. You can also freely delete licenses (you can always get 3, no matter how many you’ve deleted) but it’s not necessary in this case.

That’s what I thought, so that’s what I did - I regenerated the activation token, then when I used it it told me that the license is in use. Tried it a couple of times.

Thanks for the license explanation. I’d rather use the activation token then get another license, since the licenses are limited.


I tried it again a few hours later, and it errored out with invalid token. I tried again and it worked. So I used the activation token, didn’t have to generate a new license. I don’t know why it didn’t work the first few times I tried.