Remove Empty space below XY Chart

Is it possible to remove reduce the empty space below the XY chart if you have legends disbabled?


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Would also love to do this. Any Java guru’s that might be able to help with accessing some hidden property of the swing library?

What version are you on? I’m on 8.1.13 and am not seeing this issue, the chart auto sizes if you disable the legend.

the tag in this post in perspective, but the java swing is vision, wich are you using?

On version 8.1.14. Sorry i didn’t really mean the Java Swing library, i just wondered if there is anything under the hood that can be tweaked.
I’m also trying to do this in Perspective.

See below, no changes when toggling legend.enabled true/false.
Top chart is being modified

i dont have that, can you send your table over?

I think it is actually not the Legend that is the issue here, but the X-Axis.
Even with the X-Axis set to visible = False, it still holds that white space for it.

Just tried that with a brand new chart. Same result. I actually need two X-Axis, but i don’t necessarily want to show either of them. Still it holds white space for them.

While it might be possible its going to be to much work to make it dynamic.

The size of the chart and labels is coded by javascript and attributes. While it might be possible to put on some transforms on the correct things… its going to be a lot of work and not dynamic if you resize the chart at all.

if you dont mind the text being stretched a bit, this one isnt to much work, idk if its very dynamic though:

.psc-YOURCLASSNAME > div > div:nth-child(2) > svg > g > g:nth-child(2) > g:nth-child(1) > g:nth-child(2) > g:nth-child(3) > g > g > g > g:nth-child(1) > g{
  transform: scale(1, 1.18);

Thank you for the response. I’m not sure i know how to implement this though. And it may be quite a problem that it isn’t dynamic with responsive design, considering we are trying to make this work on flex views that will try to fill the size of the viewport.

I would have thought this is something Ignition should be sorting. But probably won’t happen until they upgrade their charts entirely.

You can implement this with css theme or css injection.
I have made plenty of examples on the forum

i havent tested the responsiveness

But yea this is probably something for ignition to handle


look at this one lol