Remove shadow from report pie chart

I would like to remove the shadow from a report pie chart. Is this possible?


Through configureChart, many things are possible.

Some tips here:

I was looking for where that is exposed and I can’t find it on the Pie chart. Do I need to start with a different kind of chart and cheat my way there?

Oof. I didn’t realize we didn’t expose configureChart on the pie chart…

Unfortunately, I don’t think you even can start from another chart and ‘cheat’ your way there. I tried (it would look something like the below), but you can’t set plot on a chart instance.

def configureChart(data, chart):
	#Example: chart.setTitle(data['myKey'])
	from org.jfree.chart.plot import PiePlot
	from import CategoryToPieDataset
	from org.jfree.util import TableOrder
	ds = CategoryToPieDataset(chart.categoryPlot.dataset, TableOrder.BY_COLUMN, 0)
	chart.plot = PiePlot(ds)

I wanted to do my due diligence, but I guess I’ll live with the shadow. Thanks for taking a look at this.

While it won’t help in the short term, I did make a ticket to add configureChart to the pie chart, since I can’t see any reason for its absence other than a mistake on our part.

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Am I missing something? EDIT: Yup, I’m missing something… Reporting…
According to this it was added in 8.0.16 Nightly 8.0 Changelogs - 2020 - #121 by sreis

8766: Add configureChart to all JFreechart extension Vision components
Added a configureChart extension function to the following components:
Bar Chart, Gantt Chart, Status Chart, Pie Chart, Meter, Thermometer, Compass

On 8.1.12

I’m trying to alter the appearance of a pie chart in a report. This is a pie chart in Vision.