[RESOLVED] Cannot download resources


Was starting to create a ticketing environment for our clients through perspective and found a user feedback view in Ignition Exchange.

The problem is that I cannot download it (or any resources from Ignition Exchange). The environment says I need to log in although I am logged in. Can somebody help me out on this one?

I am experiencing the same thing right now. When I attempt to download resources I get a prompt to login or create an account.

I tried logging out then back in. I tried creating an account through the prompt but says I already have an account.

Please advise.

user_feedback.1.0.0.zip (77.1 KB)

I don’t know about status of the EX. But, I have a copy. From 12/10/2019. So I’ll attach here.If you’d like to have it.

Hi All,

Thank you for your reports on the login error. The error when logging into the Exchange has been fixed and you should be able to log in with no issue.

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Thank you @wking and @mknowles!