RPi3/4 and Ignition 8 Maker Editon - Possible?

Is it possible to install Maker’s edition on a Raspberry Pi?

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Yes, just use the same ARM Linux zip you would use for regular Ignition.


Sweeeet! I’ve only just started delving into using an RPi and in fact was looking for a way to better my crappy simple HTML webpage :laughing:

I think we have a proper aarch64 Linux build in the pipeline as well, but the 32-bit version should run on all the RPi versions unless you have gone out of your way to install an aarch64 OS on it.


Hello everyone,
I am new to Ignition and had just attended the Maker Edition Webinar and found exited, couldn’t stop myself, to start working on the Maker Edition using Raspberry pi 3.
Can anyone please help to kickstart working on Raspberry pi 3 with Maker Edition of Ignition. I need help from the basic how to proceed. I have RBp 3 and Memory card with me. How to proceed further please. Please guide me.

In the Webinar conducted by Mr.Travis - he demonstrated the Home Automation and he was telling that he had done using RBPi 4 for his Home Automation Project along with Ignition Maker Edition.
Can we get access to any Video, how he started working on the RBPi 4 for the Home Automation Project.

I used this guide. Skip to section 2, and in step 4, exclude " gcu.sh" from the end of the command, as this file doesn’t exist


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Yeah, I think the confusing part for rpi builds, or maybe Linux in general, is where to “install”. In this case you pretty much just extract the archive to /usr/local/ignition and run “./ignition.sh start” in the newly created ignition folder to start up the server.

Hello all. I know this post is old but it seems like the right place to ask this.

Is it possible to install Maker Edition 8.1 on a Raspberry Pi 4b 8GB? I know the post also mentions installing Edge. However, I would like to run Maker Edition on a headless Pi server and acess via a remote client.


Right, but the confusing thing for me was that this was for Edge, not Maker Edition. Do I just follow this guide but for the Maker Edition installation?

Oh right, oops! But yes, same procedure for Maker but download the standard installer instead:
I.e. the top one in this screenshot:

Perfect. Thanks for the help.

BTW, have you had any experience or know of any posts discussing using 32 or 64 versions of Pi OS? I currently have 32 configured but I am considering running 64 to make use of all 8GB of memory.

I recommend using the Raspberry Pi Imager tool. You can select 64-bit Ubuntu OS versions from the menu. You can also download the latest beta release of Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit from Index of /raspios_arm64/images and then select “Use custom” from Raspberry Pi Imager after you’ve extracted the downloaded .zip.

Personally, I’ve got a Pi 4 Model B 8GB here (running the Argon One M.2 case :sunglasses:) and have been quite happy with the Ubuntu install on it.

For anyone reading this in the future, the instructions for installing Edge mentioned in this thread can be followed for the most part to install Maker Edition, however a couple of changes need to be made.

I was able to install 8.1 Maker Edition on a RasPi 4b running 32-bit RasPi OS Lite. The Pi is cabled to the router and I configured the Pi has a headless server. I used the Ignition Installtion for Linux 32-bit ARM architectures (Ignition-linux-armhf-8.1.10.zip).

It doesnt appear that installing the Java RE is required if using this in a purely headless configuration.

If using the 32-bit Raspi OS lite, you will need to create a Downloads or other temp folder in the home directory of the Pi and move the installation file to it. (sftp via filezilla, etc.). At this point you can unzip the installation file as instructed.

The Edge installation instructions in this thread call to unzip the installation file into the /usr/local/ignition directory. However, the 8.1 manual specifies using this directory for Mac OS installations. The manual further specifies the /usr/local/bin/ignition directory for linux installations (which is what should be used for the RasPi installations). I’m not sure how much this really matters as I have run the server from both file pathes on my RasPi and it didn’t seem to have any effect on the gateway itself. For convention sake, I unzipped to the /usr/local/bin/ignition directory as the manual called for.

The Edge installation instructions in this thread call to change file permissions to make them executable, the instructions omitted the ignition-util.sh file. You should use the following command instead:

 sudo chmod +x ignition.sh ignition-gateway ignition-util.sh

After this, you should be able to start the gateway per the instructions and access the gateway from any client on the network and license/configure the gateway as normal.

In case anyone is wondering, for lightly loaded applications this set up is plenty fast and powerfull enough for most maker needs.

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Thanks, That is good to know. Although I had to download the 64-bit version directly from the Raspi Foundation mirror. I wasnt able to find an option for it in the Pi Imager. Which is weird becasue I could have sworn it had been there last year. I think the Raspi Foundation removed the 64-ibit version out of the Pi Image options. Anyway, I went ahead and configured using the 32-bit version. Which is working pretty well as-is. I may not go to the 64-bit afterall.

I just installed Maker 8.1.10 on my Pi4 that is running 64bit RasPi OS. I went with 64bit because if I have 8GB of memory I’m not going to cripple it with a 32 bit OS

fair enough. I just wish the RASPi Foundation could get the 64bit out of beta at some point.

I just installed following these instructions (including what pridesleap added. Thanks for that!), but it put Edge on and I didn’t see an option to install Maker. Now when I activate the license it says " This gateway is configured as edition=EDGE, but the activated license is only valid for edition=MAKER"

Where did I go wrong?

At the very beginning of installation, where you are asked which edition to install: Standard, Edge, or Maker.