RPi3/4 and Ignition 8 Maker Editon - Possible?

Is it possible to install Maker’s edition on a Raspberry Pi?

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Yes, just use the same ARM Linux zip you would use for regular Ignition.


Sweeeet! I’ve only just started delving into using an RPi and in fact was looking for a way to better my crappy simple HTML webpage :laughing:

I think we have a proper aarch64 Linux build in the pipeline as well, but the 32-bit version should run on all the RPi versions unless you have gone out of your way to install an aarch64 OS on it.


Hello everyone,
I am new to Ignition and had just attended the Maker Edition Webinar and found exited, couldn’t stop myself, to start working on the Maker Edition using Raspberry pi 3.
Can anyone please help to kickstart working on Raspberry pi 3 with Maker Edition of Ignition. I need help from the basic how to proceed. I have RBp 3 and Memory card with me. How to proceed further please. Please guide me.

In the Webinar conducted by Mr.Travis - he demonstrated the Home Automation and he was telling that he had done using RBPi 4 for his Home Automation Project along with Ignition Maker Edition.
Can we get access to any Video, how he started working on the RBPi 4 for the Home Automation Project.

I used this guide. Skip to section 2, and in step 4, exclude " gcu.sh" from the end of the command, as this file doesn’t exist


Yeah, I think the confusing part for rpi builds, or maybe Linux in general, is where to “install”. In this case you pretty much just extract the archive to /usr/local/ignition and run “./ignition.sh start” in the newly created ignition folder to start up the server.