Scheduled Backups doesn't seem to run

Hey guys,

I have set my Ignition server to automatically back itself up (I think…) every day, but I checked the folder that I have it pointing to and there are no backups in there. These are the settings on the gateway:

The only thing I can think of is that it can’t see the the drive for some reason. The F:\ drive is a network drive, but I can save backups manually and I always save my Kepware projects to the same directory from the server and I don’t have any problems. Is it possible that there is a problem with the auto backup feature, or do I have something set incorrectly?

Since Ignition is running as a service you cannot specify a mapped drive as the backup folder. Mapped drives only exist to the Windows logged on user. Even if you set the Windows service to log on as that user you still can’t access the mapped drive. However, you can access network drives by doing the following:


in which case Ignition will have permissions to write to it. Note: You may have to set Ignition service to log on as an account that has permissions to the folder since the local system account usually doesn’t.

Ahhh, I see. I changed it to point directly to the server via a network path. I’ll check it next week and see if it made any backups that way. Thanks for the help!

That would be a good comment to add to the configuration web page :smiley:

Hi Travis, reviving this post in an attempt to get automatic backups saved to a location on a network drive and to allow gateway scripts to save files (such as pdfs of generated reports). Did you mean \\servername\backupfolder instead of \servername\backupfolder?

Backups are not showing up when I changed to a location on a network drive. I am in contact with our I.T. department to try:

Yes, sorry about that.

Hi Travis,

I still have not been successful in this. In addition, I am not able to save reports to a network location using I really want to save this stuff to a corporate network location rather than to the local Ignition machine.

Are you able to give me more information on how to do this?

On Windows, view your local services and find Ignition:
Right-click on Ignition and choose Properties, tap on Log On tab, and change Log on as to This account:
Browse to choose an account with permissions to access the network location you want to save to and enter the appropriate password.

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When i change the ingition service to run with a account which has access to network folder, The Service wont start, so i have to revert back to system account.It works with a local folder.


UPDATE to my above comment—
i used the following scripts – Mapping a Network Drive - Ignition User Manual 7.9 - Ignition Documentation

and in my gateway settings, i renamed the path as *Z:*

And this works, Hope it helps