Screen resolution setting for Ignition project

How we ensure that the pages configured in Ignition (Perspective) fit into to all browsers at 100% zoom and display monitors with recommended resolution settings. The pages are configured for a 1900 x 800 (width x height) size.

It might seem obvious, but opening a session in a browser set to 100% zoom and displaying it on the right monitor would work :slight_smile:

Appreciate your reply.

Tried using a root coordinate container for the page with the setting as in the screenshots. Then the displays fits well at 100% zoom settings. The embedded objects within the container get resized. Does it mean every embedded object should use the same settings as the page root container.

Every embedded coord view within a coord container should generally have its props.mode set the same as the view its embedded into. The main coord view also generally should have the aspectRatio set as well to the View's defaultSize dimensions eg width:height , particularly if you're positioning components which connect to each other such as a p&id.

I'll go further - with rare exceptions, outside of P&ID views, you should not be using coordinate containers. Learn to use flex containers (and in particular, how to nest them appropriately) and you simply stop having to care about exact pixel sizes.


This could work for you. It has a fit to screen function, you never have to worry about screen size on coordinate containers.

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