Search/Filter tool for Tag Browser; Ad-hoc Trends

I am using the Ad-hoc Trends developed by @mraybourn and I am loving it.

One thing I would like to see is a search/filter box to find a tag when there are thousands of tags. It becomes difficult to browse through different folders to find a specific tag.

I am wondering if anyone has developed a search/filter box for tags?

Thanks in advance!


yes, this would be very useful.

Definitely would be a welcome enhancement! Oftentimes I have a tag path from a graphic that I want to find, and it would be super useful to be able to just copy it from the graphic property and paste it into a tag browser search thing and have it locate it for me

I think this is essential for this component to be useable in production. Browsing in the classical hierarchy approach is not scalable. You need search beyond a 100 tags.

Has anyone built a universal tag search component that could be bound with the Ad Hoc?