Share CoDeSys DUT with OPC UA to Ignition

Hello everyone,

I have set an OPC connection between my WAGO PLC and Ignition.

The connection works fine, but I can’t manage to see my DUT.
I don’t know if there is something I missed or if I just can’t share a DUT.

I share and array of my DUT:

And in Ignition I have the “arr_ProdChariot” var, but it cannot read it.

I have this message when I read it.

If some of you already had the same issue, I could use some help.
Thank you very much.

Last time this came up with support it turned out the OPC UA server in the Wago PLCs don’t support the DataTypeDictionary mechanism, only the newer DataTypeDefinition attribute introduced in OPC UA 1.04, and because of this Ignition’s client is currently unable to decode structured values from these servers.

I don’t have firsthand confirmation for any of this though. It was relayed from Wago support to customer to our support to me…

Thank you very much for the answer.

I will see with wago if there is a way to work around this or if I have to create 133 times the same var.