Show an image from external location


I have a folder with dynamical photos, this location can be browse with “File explorer view”, but I can’t open an image.

I don’t want to use “Image Management” from ignition.

Is it possible open an image?

Thanks for your help.

You can display an image using the Image control by setting the ‘Image Path’ property to ‘file://’ followed by a valid path to the image file. Remember that this path has to be valid for every client you are trying to access the picture from.

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it works…!!!

thanks AlThePal

this is the Code.

Component Scripting (File Explorer)
event MouseClicked

event.source.parent.getComponent(‘vFoto’).text = event.source.selectedPath

event.source.parent.getComponent(‘vFotoImg’).path = “file:///” + event.source.parent.getComponent(‘vFoto’).text

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Hello. Why I can not display an image? We want display images from an remote cameras.

P.S. We don’t want display video from camers. Program “motion” save scrinshots on every motions and this scrinshots need to display.
Sorry for english, we are russian.

The path isn't valid because your designer, running on the local Windows system, doesn't know what to do with the /home/ path. You would need to use a multiple operating system compatible path, or another workaround - such as storing and displaying images from the database. See this post for one example.

For those interested…you can use java libraries to handle this and show a local image in a label.

from javax.imageio import ImageIO
from import File
from javax.swing import ImageIcon

filepath = r"C:\Users\cmaynes\Desktop\save_white_24.png"
ofile = File(filepath)
oimage =
lbl_comp = event.source.parent.getComponent('Label 1')