Showing a Video stream from a web based camera

I have a FLIR A400 IR camera that has a web interface.
Can that be shown on a screen?

If you log onto the web interface for it and either right click on the stream and look at properties, or inspect the page source, you’re looking for the path to the mjpeg. You can then use that link in the video player component in ignition.
If you need to pass in credentials to Perspective, try this:

However I can’t recall if this worked or not

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Those are the URL choices I have so it probably wont work?

It looks like there’s an mjpeg4 stream. Give one of those a go.

Have you had a read of the user manual?

You need Motion JPEG (mjpeg or mjpg) or JPEG stills (jpeg or jpg). Both send full JPEG images at once.

MPEG is a completely different protocol. It’s still based on JPEG, but with added compression: for similar looking frames only the difference is encoded. This protocol is not supported in the IP Camera viewer.

You would need a full stream for this, as you also need the intermediate frames to construct the final result. The IP Camera only does polling.

And yes, these names are confusing…

Whoops, I read mpeg4 as mjpeg4 :sweat_smile: but yes, mjpg should be usable

Vision’s IP Camera Viewer can’t do RTSP, no matter what encoding is present. You might consider using my Image Streamer module:


Hi, I was having trouble getting the Flir AX8 into the “IP Camera Viewer”. But after a while I solved it by taking this address:

And then select JPEG in video mode. And use “Use Authentication” and enter the username and password.

Then test the refresh rate until you are satisfied.

jonasuppling Thank you!
That actually worked…!

I get the video feed to show up but it only stays there for about 20 seconds, the I get the following error that shows up.

Any ides?

Strange, no problem here.

This is my setup:


I tried with Authentication and without, it still drops out?

Try ""

Or test another adress from this page:

maybe it needs another adress.

I tried different URL’s and buffer sizes, still is dropping out.
I am bummed…

Test this:

Use http://IP/snapshot.jpg (JPEG Stream)

And browse in to your cameras webpage (login as admin) and let it run in the background.

Maybe its a authentication problem.

Did you test my module?

I have not tried your module, I am so new at this I am not sure what to do?

I did just realize something.
If I am not logged into the camera’s web page on my computer, Ignition will not refresh and is only showing me a snapshot.

And when not logged into the camera’s web page the image stays up and I do not get the message image