[SOLVED] Designer "Launch client jar Invalid" error on Ubuntu

hello, i'm new using Ignition

First i install the gateway , then designer and finally try to lauch one but I encounter this error


don't know what happend

I'm using ubuntu and java 17

thank for the help


What version of Ubuntu?

Ubuntu 23.04

Not officially supported.

Try this workaround:

i copy the files to /usr/share/applications/ and run gtk-launch designerlauncher.desktop and works!

Thank you so much :')

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You can mark this topic as solved, if you so wish, glad you got sorted :slight_smile:

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I need to add to this... I was receiving this error also but under different circumstances.. in my case, I had a ver 8.1.31 app up in AWS. On the local computers at the customer site, I had the 1.1.31 versions of the Design Launcher and Vision Client Launcher loaded up and had no problem getting into the applications.

We decided to upgrade Ignition to 8.1.36 a few weeks ago and after installing the 1.1.36 versions of the launchers, started getting the Launch Client Jar Invalid message. But only on the computers at my customers site. On my local dev computer, I had no problem running the 1.1.36 launchers.

Going back to the 1.1.31 version of the launchers on my customers computers allowed us to get in but with a message to upgrade when we tried to launch them.

After some time with IA tech support, we were not able to resolve the error. In the end, the solution was on our end to whitelist the customers computer IP's in their firewall to allow the cert check to be allowed through.

It feels like something was added;/changed/enforced in the client launchers somewhere between 1.1.31 and 1.1.36..

The launcher's own java changed from java 11 to java 17. Probably related.

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A few people at my shop had to delete their cache, even after upgrding the launcher.

Jordan, that's typically my 1st step when I get something like this but it didn't help. As soon as the customers IT guys whitelisted the IP's of the computers in their firewall, everything started worked properly.