Sparkline chart tag history - No historical tag information could be found for any of the specified paths

We are using a sparkline chart on a tank template that is dynamic. The sparkline data property is binded using the tag history in realtime mode for the last 24 hours. Some sites have more tanks than others, and the extra tanks on that page will be invisiable as should be. The problem is the sparkline charts are still trying to find the “ghost” path info that doesn’t exist and generates a lot of errors in the gateway logs, “No historical tag information could be found for any of the specified paths…” Is there a way to handle this? Thanks!

Here’s my settings on the Sparkline Data tag history binding:

Have you tried using fully qualified paths?
Also, do you have duplicate entries in your sqth_drv SQL table?

I haven’t used the fully qualified paths… I checked for duplicate entries and don’t have any duplicates (good info to know). With my issue, I think it’s by design what’s happening, but it does generate a lot of log errors. For example, say we have 10 sites. We setup a template that can have up to 5 tanks on it, but some sites only have two or three tanks. We programed the template to hide the extra tanks on those sites (and the tags are disabled), but the sparkline tag history is still trying to look at those “hidden” tanks’ tag paths which generate no data and produces the log errors. I’m wondering if there is a way to have this not happen.

Ah, in that case, are you using a cell update binding to hide these pens on condition?
(above only valid for easychart/chart)
I’m not sure RE sparkline, might be something for IA