SQLite DB file is Empty


I am using ignition version 8.1.36, I have created SQLite DB connection and It is showing valid in gateway but I am not getting default table list in designer.
I investigated that, found that, C\Path\To\file.db is empty.
Can you please help me to get the data in file.db?


Just creating a SQLite DB connection in the gateway will not populate any tables or other content into the database file. If you point Ignition constructs (such as Alarm Journal, Audit Profile, or Transaction Groups as a few examples) at this database, you'll likely see some tables and data start to appear. Otherwise, it is up to you as to how you'd like to create tables and populate data!

How do I get entries for event logs and user logs table?

Can you explain what you're looking for a little more?

You might mean an audit log:
(If you're looking for audits of system configuration events, make sure you set your newly created audit profile as the Gateway's audit profile: Gateway General Security Settings - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation)

Or you might mean storing user logins, such as credentials:
Though there's not really much point to doing so in an external SQLite DB, since the 'internal' user source type is already using Ignition's internal DB.

Also, I consider it obligatory to mention that SQLite is not appropriate for use in a "production" environment for anything more than infrequently-written, frequently-read "configuration" style data. If you truly are storing an audit log, you should be using a "real" DB, such as PostgreSQL or MariaDB (free) or MSSQL, MySQL, etc.

I just want to display below things with dummy data.

So I want dummy data, not sure how to get the dummy data

-Alarm Status Tab: Ensure current alarms are displayed.
-Alarm History Tab: Ensure history alarms are displayed.
-Event Logs Tab: Add Event logs view. System logs only
-User Logs Tab: Add User Logs view. User logs only. Logins, setpoint changes etc.

can you please help me to get dummy data?

The Quick Start project (available on a fresh installation) might be of interest. It sets up a demo environment for those very facilities (among many other things) against a demo SQLite DB connection. We recently updated the Quick Start project with some of the latest features in 8.1.36.

More info:

I created the audit profile but, I am unable to store Tag Edit logs and Setpoint change logs in SQLite DB .
What will be the issue?

Some gateway scoped actions can be routed to a given audit profile via the Gateway Audit Profile setting documented here.