Stale Overlay Stays

I was testing 8.0.15 and I found that if I lost connection (for testing purposes I unplugged an ethernet cable) the tags would stale (as they should) but when the connection returned the overlay stayed instead of clearing.

I used the simulator OPC device and just pulled 2 randomInts from it.

We also see this issue in 8.0.15. It seems to affect some bindings but not all. I haven’t taken the time to figure out what the difference is yet and am not certain if this issue was present in earlier 8.0.x versions or not. There have been multiple overlay issues in version 8 with some resolved and everything I’m presently working on is 8.0.15.

It sounds like you have a simple test case to demonstrate this apparent bug to support.

I’ll send in a support ticket. If I get any news back before this thread is updated I will make sure to update this thread. Thanks for the response, I am a little relieved that I’m not the only one seeing this.

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Didn’t find this earlier… appears I’m having the same issue. It’s a real problem!

Hello! I put in a ticket and they found that it was a bug. They will update me whenever they know what version it will be fixed in, and I’ll update y’all here!

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It looks like this has now been fixed in 8.1 nightly.