Store and Forward - Tag History Data Issue

I have a reoccurring issue with “Tag History Data” for a specific database. I believe at one time there was tag history set up, but i have disabled for the tags, and also disabled the Tag History for the database in question.

I’m stumped as to what could still be trying to insert for the tag history. Is there an easy way to search for tag history enabled on tags that I may have missed? May be partly that the SQL Account attached does not have write and cannot write/create the tables.

See the Error forwarding in logs, but no indication of the origin of the tags per say.

One really simple way would be to export your tags then search for "historyEnabled": true

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So i gave that a shot and nothing comes back with “HistoryEnabled” in an xml export.

Run a query something like this:

FROM sqlth_te INNER JOIN [Most recent data partition] on = [Most recent data partition].tagid

On the database where the history is being stored. It will return the tag path of the tags which are being actively stored.

Thats another part of the issue to begin with is that table doesn’t exist.

I would contact support, and have them look around. In my experience if the database was ever configured as a History Provider then that table will be there. When the provider is removed I don’t believe the table is dropped.

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if you export as xml instead of json, search for <Property name="historyEnabled">true

Edit: Also, if you have more than one tag provider, you will need to check those too. I just made that mistake yesterday =x

After re-reading your post, i think the issue may be a bit different. I was cleaning up my dev machine yesterday and noticed over 1k quarantined items, all for database connections that don’t exist, but the history providers still did. I managed to clear out the history providers with this post:

However the quarantined items remain, i am not sure if that’s the same issue you are experiencing.

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So i deleted as mentioned but still see it coming across.

Bumping to the top.

Contact support. This forum obviously doesn’t have an answer for you.

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