Strange graphics anomalies in client

I have a big project in Russia, for what we decided to use windows tablet PC’s for maintenance panels.
All my testing until now was done on ACER ICONIA W700P tablet with intel core i3-2375M (700€), 4 Gb ram, 1920x1080,… I tried Win7, Win8.1, Win10… No problems…

Last week we get the ‘real’ tablets, which will be used in Russia. They are robust, covered with rubber, IP65,… and cost 2500€… and they have intel celeron N2930 cpu, Win7pro 64bit, 4Gb ram, 1920x1200, ssd 64Gb,…

When I first run the Ignition client on new tablet there were some strange ‘lines’ on the screen around my objects (conveyors, pictures, buttons, labels,…).
It took me a while to figure it out what’s causing this. Only on the new tablets, on the ACER ICONIA or on the normal PC’s I never seen this.

If there is a rectangle object on the screen, this ‘strange’ lines appears… Look at the attachements.
This is a setting page where I used transparent rectangles as a frame around settings to logically ‘group’ them together.
I have also made a short videos, where you can see, that lines are actually moving/jumping from one place to another…???
On the first video on the first screen where is the layout of the complete line, there are many (hundreds) objects: from templates, labels, graphics objects-pictures, …
On the second video there are two tablets side by side…

And as far I can figure it out, this is only happening on the rectangle object. And only on this new tablets…

I have been using Ignition for 3 years now and I newer seen this before, even on the phone there was newer problems like this.
I tried everything, from updating graphics drivers on the tablet, enable/disable Direct3D and DirectDraw in Ignition gateway settings, changing client initial&max memory settings in project settings,… When I remove rectangle objects from the screen, then ‘strange lines’ disappears…

If anybody has experienced this, please, I need some advice.
I have two tablets for this project, priced at almost 6000€ with accessories and my Ignition project is almost done. The plan is for next month to go to Russia and startup the project…

EDIT: I’m using Ignition 7.7.5 (b2015071516) | 64-bit

Did this get resolved for you?

We also find ourselves in the same situation.

We are Ignition 7.8.3, Win 10 64-bit, Intel Atom E3845, Java 8 update 101.

Could it be no GPU causing issue?

Yes, I found the solution. :smiley:

Change rectangle properties Stroke Style/Join Style to second or third option, then the strange behavior is GONE. Rectangle is displayed normal.

I found also this in the help:

Rectangle Tool
The rectangle tool (rectangle) creates and edits rectangle shapes. To create a rectangle, select the tool and drag inside a window to create a new rectangle. Hold down ctrl to make it a perfect square. Once a rectangle is created, you can use the square handles to change the rectangle’s height and width. This is important because it is the only way to resize a rotated rectangle and let it remain a rectangle. If you resize a non-orthogonally rotated rectangle using the selection tool, it will skew and become a parallelogram, but if you double-click on it so that the rectangle tool is active, you can change the rectangle’s width and height using the tool-specific handles.

I think there is something in this… Because you can see, that these ‘strange’ lines looks like very skewed parallelograms…

I found also that if you change the rotation angle of the rectangle to 0.1 (or 0.01), then rectangle is also displayed all right (without changing stroke/join style).


Hey thanks for that. I got a hold of Tech Support and they had the same suggestion regarding Join style.

I changed the join style and all is good.

I really suspect the graphics driver is the cause of the fault. As mentioned this is an Atom requiring the Intel Embedded Media and Graphic driver, however there is only OS support to Windows 7.
We are on Win 10 and so the standard Intel HD driver is installed. Just a theory.

Thanks again.

Yes, thank you! Back when I contacted support about this a few years ago they didn’t have any suggestions. As you noted, restarting the client was the only thing we found to get rid of these. There also seemed to be some correlation to them showing up after we published updates to running clients. They didn’t look quite as ghastly in our use case as the OP’s screen clippings, so we lived with them between restarts until I ran into this post today and promptly changing join style. Publish and artifacts are gone on client (publishing prior to this might cause artifacts to appear on client, but never cleared them). Thanks again for sharing a solution.I hope reviving this topic is helpful to someone else as I wish I’d run into it sooner.

FYI we’ve seen this on clients running Windows 7 and Windows 10 IoT on Intel Atom processors through many versions of Ignition. It may have occurred on other processors and Windows XP as well, but it’s not showing there right now and I can’t recall with certainty whether I’ve seen it on those PCs or not.

Experiencing the same issue, using an industrial PC and large industrial touchscreen. Same issue, same processor; Celeron N2930. Project runs fine on other devices. Changing the stroke style of rectangles seems to fix the problem. Thanks!

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