Sync warning: Unable to send updates to client

Hello. We are receiving this warning every second in the logs and was curious if there is a way to stop it. It doesn’t seem to be affecting anything but makes it difficult to read incoming messages. We are running 8.1.12

Bumping this - I am having the same issue I have pages of this warning -

Based on the error it looks like the server is trying to send updates to a client that is no longer connected. Restarting the gateway fixes the issue but that’s not an option the customer right now. More of an annoyance than a functional problem but it does make watching the logs difficult without filtering.


Until a more permanent fix is available, you can always just turn off that logger.

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Experiencing the same issue!

I did turn off the ‘sync’ (perspective.ClientSession.Sync) logger as suggested by pturmel which is helpful but I don’t want to restart the gateway at this time.

Just wanted to share, because this seems like a bug that should be looked into. Maybe after awhile the gateway should recognize the client isn’t available.

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Same issue, Ignition 8.1.17, July 2022.
Is there a known way to clear this issue without restarting the gateway?

Managed to block the log spam by setting the “perspective.ClientSession.Sync” logger to “OFF”.

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To add my voice to the chorus, same issue, Ignition 8.1.14, October 2022. Same temporary fix as above. Any news on a more permanent solution, and one that ideally doesn't involve restarting the gateway?

I tried this one. But this type of "sync" log is continuously logged in gateway. FYI, I attached the logs snap