System wide 24 hour clock?

IS there a way to get ignition to use 24 hour clock that most of the world uses?
I have a date time returned from a mysql database as 24 hour time, but ignition converts it to the ackward 12 hour clock in the power table.

EDIT: also, have it not put “month date, year, hh:mm”, most of the world dont have month first…

The actual result is returned as:

I don’t know of any global way to change this, but you can specify the date format in most components. What component are you trying to display it on?

power table, using an sql statement to get the data.

Also, same goes for the Date Range component, shows american style dates and not what i want.

Check your locale:

My locate states the date should be written like this:

I did it like this in my SQL selection:

SELECT CONVERT(from_unixtime(sqlt_data_1_2021_11.t_stamp/1000),CHAR(30)) AS "Date", 

Now its converted to date time and then converted to a text/char where ignition shows as i want