Tag tree historical selected path and easy chart possible bug

I know that bug-13023 was fixed last week to populate the selected path in the tag tree when in historical mode, however the path that populates is in a significantly different format than the format in 7.9 and it does not seem to populate correctly when a tag is dragged and dropped onto an easy chart in historical mode.

The selected path property in the tag tree reads as follows:

7.9 Path - [databaseName/gatewayName:providerName]tagpath

8.0 Path - histprov:databaseName:/drv:gatewayName:providerName:/tag:tagpath

When dropped onto an easy chart in 8.0 the tagpath that the easy chart gets in it’s tag pens dataset is:

This does not populate anything in the easy chart, however when I add the gateway name and provider name in the following format the tag history populates on the easy chart


In our use case we have a script on our easy chart on tags dropped that populates a table giving some additional information on the tags, however it is not working correctly as it is unable to parse the new format and does not populate either the chart or table. I wanted to report the bug with the easy chart and find out if the new format was expected to stay or if it should read as it did in 7.9 simply to figure out if I needed to rewrite our script on our trending page chart.


This has been fixed, and will either be in tonight’s or tomorrow’s nightly build (we’ll post back when we know it’s in).

This was merged into the 8.0.2 (nightly) yesterday.