Tanks in Perspective

Is there any way to do something like this in Perspective?

I can do this in Vision, but I can’t in Perspective.
Any ideas?

There’s one in the exchange:

Hi Jordan,
Thanks for your help.

Is there any way to build components like these like it can be done with Vision?

No, not natively (for now). Drawing tools similar to Vision are something we have planned for Perspective, along with something else that will likely replace a lot of things you’d want drawing tools for.

Here’s a relatively simple way…

You could probably do it much more elegantly with an svg image that has a ‘cutout’ filled with a gradient. Then you could just bind the gradient stop points to some value. If I have time I’ll try to throw something together as an example.

Great, good to know.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for the idea,
I will try that.

Thanks again.

I took a quick shot at it. It’s a lot of little steps but not overly complicated…

I put a tank on a perspective view from the symbol factory and copied the tank body path into an svg file. I opened the svg file in Inkscape. Within Inkscape I duplicated the path leaving with two black shapes that represent the body of the tank. On the front shape I recreated the metal looking gradient (copied values from perspective) so I ended up basically with a copy of the tank body. Then I cut a hole in the front shape (using Inkscape I drew a path and took the difference of the hole path and the tank body path). That left me with a hole in the ‘tank body’ to see the black shape behind it. Then I added a gradient to the back path to make it look like liquid. Then I saved the svg file (Recommendations for svg editor - #8 by dkylep), dropped it into the perspective.

I copied each element from my new tank body and pasted it into the elements of the existing tank.

The I bound the gradient positions to a slider value and added a text layer as well. Here’s a quick GIF and I uploaded the project as well.

Tanks_2020-08-13_1604.zip (9.3 KB)


Well done, indeed!

Excellent work.