Timeseries Chart doesn't work as Bar Chart as normal Bar Chart


I am generating Production reports and using historical data from SQL and need to show Bar chart.

The client was use to excel charts and they want same looks in new reports.
Any suggestion how to achive beter look in reports?

Excel report chart:

Ignition Report:

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Why use the time series instead of the bar chart?

How can you show the Time on X-Axis? How you show Time where is Domain Key for bar chart?
And how you will show the ‘target’ as line chart as referance?

Example attached, with references to this thread.

Sample uses a static dataset as the raw data, a script iterates through the dataset to (in this example) extract the hour/minute. The chart script allows the us to add static lines.

report_barchart_example 2020-09-18.zip (12.9 KB)

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Thank Jordan,

I nedded some example to work with. I will try this code.
I am not an expert with scripts but I will give a short.