Timeseries chart not populating in report

I am having trouble getting a time series chart to populate properly. I have 5 plants. Each plant has a flow rate. I am logging the flow rates to a tag historian. In the report I want to use a table group to show “Plant #” and then underneath it a timeseries chart showing the flow rate. I have set up one datasource called Plant. The datasource is set up to do a query called plant which is just a SELECT plantname, plantnumber from the plants table. Then I have nested child query within that called flow. Flow is a tag historian query where I am just pulling data from the tag historian. I also have a parameter called PlantNum. I have replaced the tagpath for the flow rates to make it dynamic so I am using tag path of Plant {PlantNum}. What I dont get is if I do a timeseries chart on its own on the page and not in the table group it works perfect. If I put that same exact chart in the table group then it does not populate correctly at all. Any thoughts?

And to add. I can see the raw values are all there being collected properly in preview mode on the right. I have added the chart exactly as detailed in the manual by adding it to a details row.

When I have it this way I get multiple blank charts for each plant. I figured out I needed to put in the header instead of details however now I get one single BLANK chart. Why is it still BLANK even though I see the raw data on the side?

I get a blank chart too. Did you figure this out?
I used the same procedure as indicated in the manual and added my chart into the header.

Any luck in figuring out why you got the blank chart? Still haven’t figured it out

@michael.black I was configuring my chart in the Child table.

This example:

shows it configured in the Parent table’s details row. The table group should have a single child table to display the information

By parent/child you mean the main query is the ‘parent’ and the nested queries are the ‘child’ queries correct?

Also are you saying that you shouldn’t do it based on the link because its configured on the parent table and instead needs to have a single child table on the table group and not in the parent table details row?

Yes, I had one main query as a parent query and two nested queries as the child.
I configured my chart in the child table group and it was wrong I had to configure the chart into the parent table just like the link, not the child.

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Thanks. I finally got it to work. Only issue now is trying to make each row of the table group show up on the next page so the table group information isn’t broken up.

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Try adjusting the Min. Remainder Height and Min. Split Height. I was going crazy with how the pagination works in the report module, and that was the key for my issue.

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I ended up running into your post and tried that but no luck. I ended up figuring it out by adding a header section and then checking only the ‘new page per row’ box which worked out perfect.

More an explanation can be seen at

Thanks though! I know some of these small issues can take a bit of time to figure out

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