Translation Manager

Is it possible to intercept in the Vision client the terms entered
in the Translation Manager to translate them directly online?


Windows Server 2016
Ignition 8.03

Are you asking if there’s some way to get an export of all the possible terms so you can have them pre-translated, or are you asking if there’s some way to dynamically have things translated by a service like Google translate?

For the first, that would be nice, but I’m not quite sure how we could accomplish it, because some of the terms to be translated are supplied by you, the user.

For the second, no, and it’s unlikely to happen. There’s not enough context for most of it to get a good translation. It’s important to know if “stop” means “halt” or if it means “waystation” (like in bus stop or a stop on a musical instrument). Without the context you could have the wrong meaning with disastrous consequences.

For an export, take a look here: Translating project

I’ve made a template (for 7.9, not tested on 8.0) to edit and export/import translations. Not sure if this is what you want…

Even for manual translations, that’s often an issue as no context is given. Having the ability to get an automatic translation from google, and verify it, would be fine.

maybe I didn’t explain myself, sorry.
I found:

system.util.modifyTranslation (“Hello”, u “Allô!”, “Fr”)

this is perfect for me.


You can also look at the post right below Sander’s for my script to run an export through MS Translate. You would need an Azure account, but the free version let’s you do 2 million characters per month.

I guess this is what I envisioned for the first possibility – you get a list of possible translations, run it through whatever service, verify it, reimport it.

For the second I was envisioning real-time google translate, with no possibility of verification. That scares me.

Luckily OP doesn’t need either one, so problem solved. :slight_smile: