Ubuntu 20.4 ignition gateway can't auto run system boots

hello everyone.

I have a problem.
I use ubuntu 20.4 desktop now.
I install Ignition 8.1.19 is normal,but I restart computer,ignition gateway can't run.

I need to enter

./ignition.sh start.

I try the command

sudo ./ignition.sh install

but it return "Must be root to perform this action."

I tried it!!

but it always return "unit Ignition not found."

Use sudo systemctl list-units to review the names in your system. v8.1 uses Ignition-Gateway as the service name, IIRC. (I always override that to plain ignition when I install.) Upper-case versus lower-case matters.

I can't find about any ignition message in units list

hello everyone.
I think, I find the way.
Maybe this not key point,but it normal now.

I install ubuntu language alway use chinese,
but I change Install ubuntu language is english.