Unable to start gateway


Gateway is faulted

Here, wrapper.log file , plz help me resolve this

Looks like a corrupt named query definition. I recommend calling support.

If you upgrade to a later version of Ignition this will not prevent the gateway from starting.

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It seems I have the same issue on our redundant machine.
Running 8.1.17

Below the wrapper log but is the gateway faulted and not starting because of the S7_Prod1_Pack_L2_Scan (which is one of the connected PLC's) or because of the history manager?

On the primary the Ignition_Shared db and that PLC seems to be fine.
Confused on what to do next now.

Thanks for any advice.

IIRC, the big fixes to Ignition redundancy hit in v8.1.21 or .22. Consider upgrading.

As this is our redundant server, we are still running fine on our Master.
I'm not really into upgrading the redundant to a new version as we will need to do that also on the master.
As we are not knowing the problem, it might also happen to the master on restart.
Thus leaving me with no controls at all in our process area.

So I would rather find the fix for the redundant first and then consider the upgrade ...

I'm pretty sure there's no fix for your current version. You should talk to support, though.

Meanwhile we did got contact with support and it eventually got solved by a complete re-install of the gateway
But still not really knowing what was the cause of the problem...