Underlying dataset of the alarm journal and alarm status component

I’m looking for the underlying dataset of the alarm journal and alarm status component to be able to export visible data to excel (I don’t want to query a second time from script with system.alarm.queryStatus for example to retrieve datat which are probably ever available in the component)
Any Idea to access to it ???

I’m not sure exactly what you’re looking for, but perhaps looking here and here will help.

Not exactly what I’m looking for. Often some component properties are not directly exposed in Ignition, but you can access to them …I hope to be able to access to the dataset of the JTable used inside the alarms components, in order to export it to xls format.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the alarm journal/status tables actually return a clean Ignition dataset - it looks like it’s an object more similar to the alarm event list returned by system.alarm.queryStatus, but without the convenience .getDataset() method. And even then, it’s only accessible with some pretty fragile getComponent() nested calls.

Thanks @PGriffith, no problem I will continue to use the built-in alarm script functions to query with the same filter parameters and export the data.