Unix/Linux vs Win for Industrial Automation Software

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I think Win is best for best for industrial automation software.

I think win is better between Win and Unix/Linux for industrial Automation Software.

Mwah ha ha!

Have you or your client(s) ever been hit by ransomware?

Any way we can remove the spam link, just so we can make fun of him some more?

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OK Boomer, ransomware isn’t just for Windows nowadays :wink:

OK Boomer: the last bastion of the young who forget the wisdom of their elders.

While true on the surface, the data speaks for itself. https://portal.av-atlas.org/malware


I use the Boomer term ironically, because technically I am one myself, even through I disagree with the categorization :roll_eyes:

But you can’t ignore that Linux based ransomeware does exist. To do so would be a dereliction of duty.


I say that it’s so low on MacOS, because no one cares about MacOS. :crazy_face:

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