Users migration from 7.9 to 8.0

Forgive me if this is covered somewhere else, I haven’t been able to find any info on migrating users from 7.9 gateways to 8.0. Hoping that we don’t need to manually re-create each user in our new system.


Hi @c-w-t -

You should have the same users in 8.0 that you had in 7.9 on upgrade. Let us know if you see otherwise.

Thanks, however I didn’t do a gateway restore from our 7.9 backup, we imported projects and tags etc. So any way I can migrate users without doing a gateway backup?

Hi @c-w-t -

Ah I see. I am not aware of a first-class way to import / export users at this time. You will probably need to copy tables / records from the internal database in 7.9 to the internal database in 8.0. A quick forum search leads me to this: Export/Import users. You may want to try and follow the directions linked to that thread.

Saw that previously, assumed it was not applicable with 8.0, but maybe this is all easier if we just do a gateway restore. Thanks!