Using Simulation Aids and want to have where clause parameter bound to custom property?

Paging Dr. @pturmel

I know I've seen you mention this before but I don't see an example in the docs and I am having trouble finding it since searching for view brings up perspective posts.

I have a expression that I am using to conditionally sum up a dataset like
view("sum(unitcost) WHERE accountId!=508 and Billed==? GROUP BY 1",{Root},{Root Container.idx})[0,0] however, this is not working. I wanted the Billed column equal Root Container.idx. How can I do this?

Change the ? to args[0]


That was it, thank you!


Happy to help! I love using the that view expression. Saves so much time.

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For what I have to do, which is have a group by line items from a dataset(so I can show things like quantity of the same part item #) where the user can edit the grouped by version or the raw dataset itself, it's a life saver. Really saves so much time.

I step out for a minute and people answer my questions for me. Have I said that I love this community? :heart:


Same here! I always like to lurk here to learn new / better ways of doing things

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