View Disappeared After Pull from Remote Repo

I am getting started using Git. I went through the Ignition 8 Best Practices guide on initializing the repo and add the ./resources line to the .gitignore file.

I then pushed that repo to a remote repository in Azure DevOps.
I then pulled that report down to my current machine.
Then I went into the designer and noticed one of my views changed to a folder.
See below:

The NorthDock folder under the Header folder should not be a folder.
Here is what the actual files look like:

It has the same structure as the other views.
Why would it show up as a folder in the designer?

Have you changed the scan frequency of your gateway yet?

This is what i have:

Seems like you should be able to do an update in the Designer at this point, unless there’s something wrong with the view.json…

I click the update button and still the same.
I also closed the designer and opened it backup.
Still the same thing.

Hmm. Not sure then. Is the “Header” folder empty on the filesystem? Maybe you can zip up or export that whole project and see if support can reproduce.