Viewing the Ignition OPC-UA Server in an external program

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I’m really not a fan of the limitations of the OPC browser in Ignition, unfortunately. I’d love a larger workspace, search, etc… Things that may be in an external OPC-UA client. I’ve tried a couple of external programs but none have had luck actually finding the Ignition OPC-UA Server, I guess I’m not sure how to actually find it.

Does anyone have any resources or experience on setting up an external OPC client to see the Ignition OPC-UA Server? I see in the “Your topic is similar to…” section a post from 2010 saying the server didn’t have the ability to connect to non-client/designers, but I’m wondering if that has changed since.


The Ignition OPC-UA Server will be discoverable at whatever endpoint is defined in the server settings (http://localhost:8088/main/web/config/opcua.settings):

The endpoint URL would be opc.tcp://, or fully qualified:

Once you’ve found the endpoint and chosen a security policy, you’ll need to enter opcuauser and password as authentication credentials (assuming default settings; you’re welcome to change the authentication settings). Once connected, you may want to enable the ‘Expose Tag Providers’ setting on the OPC-UA server configuration page, which will expose Ignition’s internal realtime tag providers to third party OPC clients, rather than just our device connections.

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