Views not opening to their full size

Good afternoon,

Often when I open a view it does not open the full view but sizes small with scroll bars, I have to move the perspective property editor slightly for the view size to reset and show in full. Has anyone had this issue?

This is something that happens on Windows OS when the monitor zoom factor is something other than an even percentage (Zoom at 125% instead of 100%), because behind the scenes its actually 1.25

Only solution I'm aware of is to set your display to 100% or 200% zoom via display settings, or only have the editor on a monitor with one of those zoom settings.

I deal with this so much because my laptop runs at a different zoom value than the displays I have plugged in via dock. Its almost reflexive at this point for me to grab the designer window, move it down to the primary monitor and then back up to the monitor I use.

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Consider forcing a UI scaling percentage for the Designer executable using a JVM override in your launcher config, as in this post:

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