VNC Connection from Perspective page


I’m on a project looking to consolidate all of the different operations into one portal: an Ignition Perspective page. One of the absolute requirements is they need to VNC to site computer running specialized software. Anyone know of where to start for building out an embedded VNC client?

I dont think this option exists for perspective, I’m thinking of hosting a react page that handles this function, that they can reach with a link in the Perspective app. Of course any perspective authentication functionality would be lost, but they’ve already authenticated to the network with a VPN connection, and should therefore have access anyway.

A couple candidates jumped right out of duckduckgo:


The latter uses the Apache Software License, which is compatible with building an Ignition module, fwiw.

Thanks. I was able to get guacamole up and running and connect to my vnc hosts. Putting my apache server’s address in a iframe component worked pretty nicely.

Now I’m just trying to figure it out so that the Ignition application acts as a kind of proxy for accessing that server. It would be nice if that guacamole web page was only accessible from within an authenticated perspective session. Anyone have any thoughts of where to start?

The VNC Repeater function may be what you’re looking for. Just as a guess, you’ll need to install guacamole on the Ignition server and route from there.

OT: Now I’ll have to set up guacamole and play with it. I blame Phil for this. :wink:

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Hrm, not sure that’s what i’m looking for.

I’ve got guacamole up and running on my ignition server, and can access it on the local network either in my browser or in an iframe.

What I want to do is only expose my Ignition application to the user, so the user connects to it, and then the application has a page that displays the guacamole web page. But as I understand it, iframe’s dont work as a proxy, they just link the user directly to the url.