What Happened To 8.1.8

What happened to the 8.1.8 release from last week (8/2/2021)? It appears to be removed from the website. If it was removed for quality reasons similar to 8.1.6 it is deeply concerning about IA’s ability to test updates before release. From a system integrator perspective, it doesn’t look good for the quality of the product we are trying to sell from IA when patches keep getting removed. I have a customer that was targeting 8.1.8 for a patch to a production system. I now have to get back and say we need to use 8.1.9. I am sure that will bring up a discussion of what happened to 8.1.8.

The fortunate thing of this is I was giving time before we applied the patch, waiting to see if what happened with 8.1.6 happens to 8.1.8. It appears that it has.