Windows 10 HiDPI Scaling

Previously, to scale the Ignition designer, client and the native client launcher, you would have to edit the resource with ResTuner. However, in more recent versions of Windows 10, it is far simpler.

All you have to do now is right click on java.exe, javaws.exe and the native client launcher, and click properties. Then, click the compatibility tab. In that tab, you will see a settings called “Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling performed by.” This typically defaults to Application. If you change this to System, everything should be scaled by Windows, and should be usable. There is also an option for System (Enhanced). I have had UI artifacts while using this mode, so I found that System works best.

Any questions, please let me know.


You just made a lot of Windows people happy Kyle, thanks for the heads up!

This is fantastic, thanks for the heads up. Also, 7.9.6 supports Java 9, which should avoid this issue altogether.

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Help desk guided me to this post and quickly resolved after much time spent following initial program load. Thanks

Just upgraded to Windows 10 and after hours of trying to figure out why my windows were not opening properly, finally found this post and it made my day!

Also there’s a checkbox “Disable fullscreen optimizations”, I had to remove it to get my screens fully functional like what I had on Windows 7.

Thanks guys.