Wrapper Log or Gateway Log

Hi guys, I have some question about the log in Ignition.

  1. May I know that where is the Ignition Log store ? Based on my understanding the log will be store in the location that same with the Ignition Software which is the C drive Program Files.

  2. Will the log store in my database ?

  3. How often the wrapper log will be automatically delete ?

Thanks in advance.

There’s both a log in SQLite format, and the “wrapper.log”, which is a text file. There are settings in ignition.conf that control the rollover size and retention of the text file. I don’t recall if the SQLite size is controllable. Both files are under the install folder.

The default is 50,000 entries (roughly; it’s a soft cap) but it can be overriden by editing logback.xml:

To clarify - both the wrapper.log and the SQLite log will be in $installDirectory/logs unless you’ve configured things to use a different location.