Wrapper Logs Filling Up Quickly with "shouldBeEnabled" messages

Our wrapper logs are being inundated with messages related to something with the tags that shouldBeEnabled. I plan to restart the Gateway to try to fix it when we have a break in production, but does anyone know what might be causing this?

There is probably a StackOverflowError at the head of each batch of lines - this looks like a classic recursive function call. What version of Ignition is this? (This is unambiguously an Ignition bug, but it's possible we've already fixed it).

We're running 8.1.24. Also, eventually the logs did load on the gateway, and all of them said, "Uncaught exception executing batch context."

I'd send your logs in to support. Like I said, definitely a bug in Ignition, and the nature of it should be clear enough from the logs. There may or may not be a known workaround.

I'll try to get the logs for you tomorrow. Just as an FYI, I rebooted the server, and the issue started happening right away again. I then reinstalled 8.1.24 on the server, and it is still happening. However, it is not happening on the backup server, so I'm wondering if there is some issue with the server. Also, we are running 8.1.24 on 7 other gateways without any issues. We run all of our Ignition servers on Ubuntu.