Writing integer value to A-B ControlLogix PLC via Ignition Designer screen

Hi , i would like to enter values from Igntion screen to PLC Tags. Is it possible to do that?
in this pgn attachement, would like to enter value from Fault Cons QTY to PLC Tag. I can do from PLC to Igntion easily via studio 5000 . but i would to enter value from Igntion screen to PLC.

Judging by the top left of your image this seems to be a Vision application. I've edited your post title and added the tag.

Writing Integer Value to ... PLC via Ignition Designer screen

This isn't quite right. You are trying to write from a component in your application window to the tag. To do this you create a binding on the component's Data / Value property.

When testing this in Designer you need to enable "Full Read/Write gateway communication allowed".

Thank you for your reply. I did create a binding for value . What i would like to do is to enter value in the fault qty by keypad on Ignition screen. I am not sure if it's possible to do it.
as you can see in pic binding.

I did enable full read and write access.

And what's happening or not happening?
I don't use Vision so I may not be able to help much.

Why do you have a binding on the Data | Number Type property? Surely it should be fixed data type?

when I type 250 in the component field on the screen, it goes back to tag value in PLC .
I did bind that value to Tag in PLC.
Technically, I cannot change value from Ignition designer screen, only from PLC tag.
Also, don't see keypad option in component pallet, If would have been then probably, I can use property value tied to PLC tag that way. I guess...

Check the box that says 'Bidirectional' in your binding popup.

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I tried that too. it doesn't work. check mark bidirectional fallback delay.

It doesn't give any errors? A bidirectional binding is what you want if you expect it to both read and write

No, it just goes back to original value 200, which is in PLC Tag.

Does the PLC ever actively write to that tag? If so then what's likely happening is the PLC code is stomping on the value you are sending from Ignition.

Avoid any case where you write from both directions, as it's likely to cause a race condition. What you should do instead in that case is have another tag in the PLC that is only ever written to from Ignition and adjust your PLC to inspect that tag and then behave accordingly.

Also, did you try adjusting the tag value directly from the tag browser in the Ignition designer to see if the PLC gets the new value?

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PLC Tag is not writing any value in PLC code anywhere. I enter that value in PLC Controller tag, so there is no possibility of clashing.
yes, I can type any INT number in PLC tag and it reflects in ignition with no issue. but vice versa doesn't work.

what actually I want it operator is able to change quantity from Ignition screen , instead of changing in PLC tag. No access of PLC Code on the station.

The alternative is to script it. You could remove all of your bindings and use system.tag.writeBlocking to write the value from your numeric textfield's Property Change event handler:

if event.propertyName == 'intValue':
	system.tag.writeBlocking('INSERT TAG PATH HERE', event.newValue)

Have you tested this in an actual session instead of the designer(Launching a vision client)?

Is the designer in read/write mode? (I can't remember if it gives an error when testing in preview and not read/write mode, I think it should) If you are not in read/write mode it should give you an error if you are trying to write a value from the designer.(Like if you are changing the value in the tag browser)

Also, check that the tag on the PLC has read/write permissions for external access.

I did not launch a vision client yet, I am just checking in designer preview mode. mode is in read/Write mode in ignition.
PLC tag is also read/Write.
let me check via script... I thought it would be easy without script but doesn't look like.

This. In the PLC.

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Yes, I said in PLC controller tag.

In Studio 5000, with controller tags open, scroll to this tag, and take a screen shot (of Studio 5000) that shows the "External Access" column.

@SANJAY_SAUNDATTIKAR, just reiterating this comment from Ryan. If you're unable to write a value to the tag from the Ignition tag browser, then it sounds like the problem is in the PLC (likely external access as others have noted). Just be sure your designer is set to read/write in the top toolbar.

PLC Tags have external access of Read/Write.so It is for sure that PLC is set up correctly. As i mentioned I can change PLC tag value and it shows in Ignition but i am trying to enter value from Ignition and that doesn't work.